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Coming soon! probably. I feel weird writing about myself.


below are links to some websites for clicking. Click away!



Upfront Pricing, Because I'm Not a Big Fan of Surprises

Design Fee



Initial timeframe for rough draft (basic structure and homepage)


2-3 weeks

Rounds of revisions


2 rounds –first round revisions due 4 days after rough draft –second round revisions due 5 days after first round is completed unless other arrangements are made

Small Change


E.g. minor text or content updates, etc.



Medium Change


E.g. single page layout, integrations, basic custom graphic design, etc.



Large Change


E.g. new page, inventory, etc.



Redesign with Same Content 


Themes, colors, layout, etc.


Starting at $300

Monthly Updates Bundle


Up to 3 small changes and 1 medium change; updates made semimonthly



Domain Acquisition

                $25 + domain price



Online Payment Setup


Square, PayPal, etc.


Scheduler Subscription and Maintenance

                $75 initial setup + $25/month

Upgraded Scheduler 


Client text reminders, packages, memberships, gift certificates, and promo codes


$85 initial setup + $75/month

Restaurant Menu and Online Ordering Setup


Includes 1 round of minor changes per month

                $250 initial setup + $25/month maintenance

Contact Us


email, call, or text, but Texting is preferred. It's 2020.

Michael Waller | 405.996.8460

Thanks for submitting!

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